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Think Twice Before Writing Another White Paper

Someone recently asked me if I thought there was a future for white papers as a relevant source of B2B content given all the new types of content that are being used for marketing.  After thinking about this, my response is “yes”, but with an asterisk as there are a number of issues and alternatives that companies should think through first.  Continue reading


4 Ways to Take Advantage of Mobile for B2B Marketing

The facts about smart mobile device adoption and the growing share of web traffic from these devices are unambiguous: we are seeing a steep upward curve and that trend will continue for the foreseeable future.  In some countries the amount of web traffic from mobile devices has even surpassed desktop devices, which could end up being the norm given the growth trends that are being reported.

Yet, even with this trend towards mobile devices, they are a not a perfect fit for B2B marketing.  Much of the growth in mobile web traffic is B2C related: social media, video entertainment, games, consumer search (restaurants, shopping, tickets, etc.).  I know I’ve struggled with seeing the benefit of the mobile web for marketing of enterprise software (the industry I’ve predominately worked in), but I have come across a couple excellent ways to take advantage of mobile. Continue reading

Does Facebook Make Any Sense for B2B Marketing?


Forget about the social graph, social search or any other product-related feature, there is a more important issue to consider when it comes to Facebook: is there a compelling reason for B2B companies to use it as a marketing tool?  I’ve seen other posts on this topic, and they tend to say that FB makes sense because of the number of people using it or the time users actively spend in it.  But all of this is pointless until the following question is answered – are the buyers of B2B products and services going to interact with product/service vendors on Facebook.  To be clear, I’m not asking if potential buyers use Facebook, because undoubtedly with +1 billion users, they are there.  Instead, the question is more of why people use Facebook. Continue reading