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Think Beyond Marketing “Automation”

GearIf ever there was a name that under-states what it does, Marketing Automation would be near the top of the list.  I’m surprised that the vendors in this space haven’t tried harder to find a term that better connotes the value to marketers, but sometimes it’s easier to stick with a recognized term.  While one of the benefits of Marketing Automation is to help companies scale their digital interactions and increase efficiency, the bigger benefit is to make those interactions more effective, helping to increase conversions from interest to sales and decreasing the time to achieve those conversions.  Of course, increasing effectiveness is more difficult than increasing efficiency, so it is necessary to consider a number of capabilities when comparing different offerings from the myriad of vendors. Continue reading


Why Are Common Hashtags Being Dissed?

hashtagIn the past week, I’ve come across two social media blog posts advising people using Twitter to avoid including common word hashtags in their tweets.

In the post “30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should Ignore“, Ellie Mirman says that using common hashtags in your tweets “makes you look…like a Twitter newbie who’s trying to game the system” and that this practice is  “also commonly referred to as ‘hashtag hijacking'”.  Really?  Let’s consider the two primary ways that hashtags can provide value for people using Twitter (or Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, or other social media platforms that support them). Continue reading

What’s Your Slideshare Strategy?

Unfortunately, for most marketers, the answer to this question is either “we don’t have one” or “what do you mean by strategy?”.  While there is widespread awareness of Slideshare, my experience is that it is used occasionally and is not considered essential by most companies.  This is truly an under-utilized and under-appreciated marketing channel, and one that can deliver a lot for a relatively small investment. Continue reading