What’s Your Slideshare Strategy?

Unfortunately, for most marketers, the answer to this question is either “we don’t have one” or “what do you mean by strategy?”.  While there is widespread awareness of Slideshare, my experience is that it is used occasionally and is not considered essential by most companies.  This is truly an under-utilized and under-appreciated marketing channel, and one that can deliver a lot for a relatively small investment.

The starting point for effectively leveraging Slideshare is to consider upgrading to a Slideshare PRO account, which allows lead generation forms to be tied to uploaded content (they can appear in the online content or when someone requests to download the content).  And these forms can be easily integrated to directly feed submissions into marketing automation systems.  And, just like YouTube, you can embed uploaded content directly into your own web pages and blogs, as well as making it possible for viral marketing like this:

So, the first thing you can do to develop your Slideshare marketing strategy is to stop sending webinar/event presentations to attendees via email attachments.  Instead, upload them to your account and then send out the link that attendees can use to view, and more importantly SHARE, the content.

The next thing to do for your Slideshare strategy is to create a content channel to help people navigate and find your content.  Your channel can include tags for classifying content, as well as defining favorites for the most recent/relevant content that you want people to view.

Another aspect of your strategy should be make content available across multiple social media channels.  LinkedIn, Facebook and XING all have widgets for embedding Slideshare content, so you can post the content once and make it available in many places.

Finally, you will need to think carefully about making your content highly visual if you want to be successful using Slideshare.  Here is a useful blog post with tips on creating content.

Now, get to work on your Slideshare strategy!

p.s. If you really want to go deep, check out “The Marketier’s Guide to Slideshare“.


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