4 Ways to Take Advantage of Mobile for B2B Marketing

The facts about smart mobile device adoption and the growing share of web traffic from these devices are unambiguous: we are seeing a steep upward curve and that trend will continue for the foreseeable future.  In some countries the amount of web traffic from mobile devices has even surpassed desktop devices, which could end up being the norm given the growth trends that are being reported.

Yet, even with this trend towards mobile devices, they are a not a perfect fit for B2B marketing.  Much of the growth in mobile web traffic is B2C related: social media, video entertainment, games, consumer search (restaurants, shopping, tickets, etc.).  I know I’ve struggled with seeing the benefit of the mobile web for marketing of enterprise software (the industry I’ve predominately worked in), but I have come across a couple excellent ways to take advantage of mobile.

  1. Use QR codes at events.  By placing a QR code on signage at face-to-face events allows participants to easily get more information about your company without having to take a piece of collateral (likely to end up in the circular file) or write down information (likely to get lost).  If you use QR codes, then make sure you also do the next item.
  2. Create a streamlined mobile-optimized site.  There’s nothing more frustrating that trying to look at a web page designed for desktop browsers on a mobile device: too much text, too many links, too much scrolling required.  Don’t try to just shrink your existing pages for smaller form factors; instead, focus on a couple high-value items that work well with mobile, along with providing a way for the user to request additional information that can be sent via email.
  3. Produce more videos and podcasts.  Mobile devices and multimedia go well together, and by taking advantage of sites like YouTube they can be rapidly propagated on multiple pages/sites.
  4. Include sign-ups for marketing content.  Even if you have assets that don’t lend themselves well to mobile devices (e.g., white papers, brochures), you can still provide access to them via email so that the user can get them later from desktop system.  And if you have the right mobile content available, then the user is going to be more likely to request additional information…make it easy for the mobile user to request a document or sign up for a newsletter.

The trend towards mobile is only going to increase, so make sure your marketing plans incorporate content and tactics that work with both mobile and desktop interaction.  Don’t think of the mobile device as just a smaller version of the desktop, but instead tailor your content to the ways that people tend to use each.


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